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It's About To Start

This project has been 4 years in the making, during this period there has been many request for Ministry training delivered by Indigenous Australians. It is finally here. FNMT has a feeling of excitement about it as we step into a new era of Bible training experiences. Covid has caused us to think about the way we live and it has at stages taken away our freedom.
Good news our freedom is in Jesus Christ our Lord and He has given us insight into
going into all the world and present the Gospel.
We are about to launch our first training unit which will be trialed in several of our Indigenous churches and Christian communities  in WA, Vic and SA.

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First Nations Ministry Training Reaches The Regional Areas of Australia

The fields are ripe unto harvest. FNMT is investing in students from our regions, to have them trained where they are so they can help build up local churches and Christian community fellowships and grow others for the Kingdom.

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